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About us

All American Pharmaceutical and Natural Foods Corporation (AAP) is a pioneer in the nutrition industry. Founded in 1984, AAP became aware of frequent problems in the quality of raw materials supplied to the nutrient industry. To deal with this situation AAP developed high standards for quality and purity control by firstly qualifying all inward bound materials to ensure these met the highest standards.  This often meant more rejected than accepted raw materials. Typical problems even today found in raw materials on the market include accidental cross contamination, “spiking” (purposeful contamination) of raw materials with drugs or other substances, and substitution with cheaper mimicking or similar looking materials.  Through the multi-sample checking at different depths of the material or sides verses the middle of every inbound bag, box, bin, drum of all inbound raw material shipments, implementation of uncompromising quality standards, in order to yield pure extracts from the freshest raw materials, and through nutrient processing implementing strict GMP quality standards, (virtually unheard of in the nutrition industry in those early days and QC checking of all inbound raw materials is still lacking in most facilities), AAP raised the bar for the entire industry. 

In the 1990’s AAP invested heavily in research and development into taking quality control to a whole new level ensuring that the raw materials it supplied to the market exceeded all legislative requirements. The result was that AAP was able to apply for a number of patents and was able to bring to the market products with very high purity, better stability and optimized absorption and effectiveness as well as longer shelf life.

Our proprietary raw materials have been further researched by university professors, medical doctors and specialists in pharmaceutics, molecular biology and physiology to better understand additional potential benefits from these uniquely pure and stable nutrients.  For your personal information, some of these studies done in relation to Krevitalin® have been included here.